Hello everyone,

welcome to the online option for your CELTA course.

Please note that this wiki is open access and you do not need to request membership to access content.
This site has been created for our trainees. You will find it useful to check in regularly as you will find:
  • pdf files which may be useful for your upcoming assignments
  • a discussion board for you to exchange ideas about assignments anonymously
  • reminders of important things to do throughout the course!

About CELTA at our centre:
  1. Please read the following information sheet about doing CELTA at our centre:
  2. Dates and Fees
  3. Alison Harley took a CELTA at our centre and here is her account of it:http://www.transitionsabroad.com/listings/study/articles/celta-course-survival-in-rome-italy.shtml
  4. If you would like to know what the differences are between CELTA and other course you may find the wikipedia description useful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teaching_English_as_a_foreign_language

Using a smartboard/IWB

This video is about using smartboards in classrooms in general. In our centre we use smartboards and ordinary boards but recommend that you observe this video as an orientation task.

We hope that you enjoy the CELTA and that you find it an extremely positive learning experience.

All the best,
The teacher Training Department